024 – Doug Shows

Doug Shows is a veteran official having spent the last 25 years working at the Division 1 level. He works primarily in the SEC – the Southeastern Conference. This past Saturday he officiated the Arkansas vs. Auburn game.

Doug has also been to the Final Four three times in the last seven years.

He brings to our conversation a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. It was a wonderful privilege for me to have this conversation with him. And it’s a joy for me to bring it to you.


023 – Coach Ritchie McKay

Liberty University men’s basketball coach, Ritchie McKay, joins us to talk about the relationship between coaches and officials. From a coach’s perspective, how should officials be prepared to officiate a game? From an officials perspective, how should a coach be managed in tough situations? Coach McKay has four observations to pass along to officials. They are:

  1. Coaches see the outcome of the game as a reflection of themselves.
  2. Officials need to come prepared.
  3. Officials must work together as a crew to communicate effectively.
  4. Coaches have long memories.