022 – Making March Madness by Chad Carlson

The game we love has quite a history. Chad Carlson uncovers some fascinating aspects of the game’s early years. Did you know that in various parts of the country there were different rules for the traveling violation? In some leagues, double-dribbling was legal. Listen in on this enlightening conversation about the history shaping our game to become what it is today.

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021 – ACC Supervisor of Men’s Basketball Officials, Bryan Kersey

At the time of this episode upload, 5 of the Top 25 teams in men’s NCAA D1 basketball are in the ACC. With teams like Duke and North Carolina, and 13 other outstanding basketball programs, Bryan Kersey has a very important job. He assigns all the officials for ACC. What does it take to get great refs for the upcoming schedule, all the while thinking about building for the future? With some of Division 1’s top officials (Roger Ayers, Mike Eades, and Teddy Valentine) on his roster, Kersey loves his job.

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020 – Daring Greatly

The RoundBall Referee returns for the 2017-2018 season with a confession and a word of encouragement. Borrowing from the title of Brené Brown‘s book Daring Greatly I pick up on the theme of what it means for me and this podcast to dare greatly, and doing so for those of us in our basketball officiating. At the end of the show I preview the conversation I had with next week’s episode guest, Bryan Kersey (ACC supervisor of officials).


019 – NBA Official Mark Lindsay

Mark Lindsay has been an NBA Referee for the past ten seasons. He recently took over as  the new director of the Proactive Referee Officiating Camp. The camp is held each summer in Philadelphia, PA. This is a premier camp to help you get to the next level.

Mark came on to the show on May 23, 2017 to get the word out about the upcoming camp. But he also spent a lot of time discussing some very important aspects for improving your game as an official. Toward the end of the show he shared a great story of when he called a questionable foul on Golden State Warriors star, Draymond Green.