015 – The WhistleBlower by Bob Katz

What does it take to officiate basketball at the highest level? For the guys who get there, what’s it really like? Officiating insiders, like ourselves, ask these questions. When you sit down to watch a game on any sports network, you wonder: who’s working that night, how’d they get to that point, what’s demanded of them?

Bob Katz, who has written for Sports Illustrated, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, and the New York Times, has written a book about the very thing we’ve so passionately committed ourselves: refereeing the game of basketball. The WhistlBlower: Rooting for the Ref in the High-Stakes World of College Basketball tells the story of officiating great, Ed Hightower.  It also tells our story, the one we live night-after-night, November through March.

Bob has generously given the officiating community the gift of this book. And he has given us his time to share a bit more about his experience in writing the book and spending time with basketball officials.

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You can also check out an article Bob recently wrote for the Boston Globe titled: “Why Fans Should See Like Refs”.

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014 – The Little Things MATTER (Mechanics)

If you want to become a great referee, you must develop great mechanics.  Freddy from joins me to talk about some of the common mechanic-errors officials make. He has come up with some catchy phrases to help you keep these good-mechanic practices in mind as you’re refereeing a game.